Why custom blinds are better than store bought blinds? This is why, 100% facts.

Custom blinds treatments, are really better!

Recognizing the significance of window treatments is crucial, as they serve both functional and aesthetic purposes by providing privacy, regulating light and airflow, and enhancing the overall appearance of a room. When it comes to purchasing window treatments, homeowners can choose between ready-made options available in stores or opt for custom solutions. While stock blinds bought from stores may be affordable, they often come with limited design choices and lack the advantageous features offered by custom window treatments. Hence, investing in custom window treatments proves to be a superior choice, allowing homeowners to select the fabric, dimensions, materials, style, and functionality that perfectly complement their space.

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Benefits of Custom Window Treatments:

Custom window treatments offer homeowners a range of benefits, which can be categorized into two main aspects: aesthetic and functional advantages.

Aesthetic Benefits:

Custom blinds provide two significant aesthetic benefits, namely design flexibility and enhanced interior design capabilities. Also a professional installations is really the difference.

Design Flexibility:

Tailored to specific requirements, preferences, and specifications, custom window treatments grant homeowners the freedom to choose from various styles, patterns, colors, and additional features, enabling them to design their window treatments according to their unique desires.

Enhanced Interior Design:

Custom window treatments can be personalized to blend seamlessly with the existing colors or textures in a room, or they can stand out to provide a vibrant contrast. With a wide range of customization options available, homeowners have numerous opportunities to utilize custom window treatments to enhance the overall arrangement of their existing rooms.

Functional Benefits:

Custom window treatments not only enhance the value of a home but also offer practical advantages for daily use.

Improved Energy Efficiency:

By harnessing natural light and minimizing the need for electrical lighting, custom window treatments contribute to improved energy efficiency. These treatments allow homeowners to optimize the amount of safe sunlight entering the room during the summer months while simultaneously protecting the flooring and furniture from harmful UV rays.

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Additional Privacy:

Custom window treatments enable homeowners to maintain privacy within their homes without compromising the view, style, or color scheme of the interior. Designed to seamlessly transition throughout the day, these treatments can be programmed to open in the morning and close at night.


Custom window treatments offer the advantage of automation, surpassing store-bought options. They can be motorized and wirelessly integrated with smart home systems such as Google Home or Alexa, allowing homeowners to effortlessly control their window treatments with a simple push of a button, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Design Assistance and Installation:

In situations where individuals are unsure about the window treatment option they desire, seeking professional assistance can greatly facilitate the decision-making process. USA Roller Blinds, for instance, offers a free consultation service provided by professional design experts who can help determine the most suitable features considering privacy, lighting, style, materials, and more. Additionally, working with a professional team ensures proper and accurate measurements which ensures that there are no errors of the blinds installation, which is a service provided by USA Roller Blinds.

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Disadvantages of Store-Bought Window Treatments:

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with using store-bought window treatments, they do come with a few drawbacks, even if one manages to find an appealing pair.

Poor Fabric Quality:

Store-bought window treatments are typically made from low-quality fabrics, which may be affordable but also prone to damage over time. Moreover, they usually come with limited warranties that offer little long-term assurance.

Limited Design Flexibility:

One major drawback of store-bought off-the-shelf window treatments is their lack of customization options compared to custom window treatments. While you may find a store-bought design that matches your home’s color scheme, it may not offer all the desired features or style you had in mind.

Difficulty in Finding Matching Treatments:

Finding matching store-bought window treatments to complement your existing décor can be challenging. Limited supplies may result in inconsistent styles throughout your home, which can be visually jarring, especially in various architectural styles.

Limited Functionality:

Store-bought window treatments often have limitations in terms of size and operation options, compromising their functionality and suitability for your aesthetic preferences. Window treatments serve purposes beyond decoration, such as providing privacy at night and allowing natural sunlight during the day.

Poorly Fitted Sizing:

Unlike custom window treatments that are precisely tailored to your specific windows, store-bought options are made to fit standard sizes. No matter how much they try to personalized them. This can lead to poorly fitted treatments resulting in uneven dimensions, blinds or shutters that do not extend far enough, or an excessive stack of slats on the window sill. Remember that the windows in their width sometimes do not have equal measurements at the top and bottom, also the top part is not usually completely perpendicular to the sill, these are common problems in the construction of homes. Therefore, a measurement taken by a professional is very important.

Finding the Perfect Window Treatment with Professional Assistance:

Custom window treatments offer the advantage of being fully tailored to your preferences and requirements, including factors like lighting opacity, fabric, color, and texture. On the other hand, store-bought window treatments are limited to predetermined designs, often made from low-quality materials, and available in a restricted range of standard stock colors.

To simplify the process of finding the ideal window treatment, consulting with a professional design specialist is highly recommended. At USA Roller Blinds, we provide complimentary consultations with local design experts who can assist you in selecting a solution that perfectly matches your needs and aesthetic preferences. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to get started.

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