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When it comes to improving the privacy from your window treatments, the material you choose can make a big difference. Modern roller shades come in more materials than the retro vinyl ones that were popular in the past. Materials include polyester, wood, cotton, bamboo, linen, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and PVC fiberglass. When choosing the best material for shades in your home, make sure the fabric isn’t too sheer, since silhouettes will still be visible through sheer shades. A part of the opacity, if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, it’s a good idea to choose a material that won’t agitate them.

All the South Florida area, including:

Miami Metropolitan Area
Coral Gables
Palm Beach
North Miami
Miami Gardens
Fort Lauderdale
Key Biscayne
Boca Raton
Del Ray Beach
Miami Dade

and more…

The Miami Area zip codes including:

Miami- 33101 33109 33111 33114 33125 33126
Coral Gables- 33124 33133 33134 33143 33144 33146
Palm Beach- 33480 33401 33301 33101
North Miami- 33154 33160 33161 33167 33168 33181
Aventura- 33009 33160 33180
Broward- 33021 33022 33023
Miami Gardens- 33014 33054 33055 33056 33169 33175
Fort Lauderdale- 33301 33302 33303 33304 33305 33306
Key Biscayne- 33149
Boca Raton- 33427 33428 33429 33431
Del Ray Beach- 33444 33445 33482 33483 33484
Miami Dade- 33138 33139 33140 33141

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Roller Blinds and Shades

This is the best all-purpose window treatment available today. Our Roller Blinds or Rolling Shades come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so let your personality shine through! Control the light and privacy of your space. In addition you can protect your furniture and your eyes. We carry manual blinds, but if you upgrade to a motorization system, with the touch of a button you can raise and lower your blinds.

Screen Roller Blinds

Solar screen roller blinds are the most popular choice among our customers, they provide an additional protective layer inside the window glass, reflecting away more of the sun’s heat than the glass alone. The fabric’s density (openness) and color together determine how much of the heat is reflected.

Blackout Roller Blinds

No more light interfering with your sleep. Here is an affordable solution, perfect for blocking natural light from filling your room. We can make any room as dark as outer space. For best results you can choose the outside mount,  the roller blinds will be attached over the window on the outside of the window frame. We can block 95%, 99%, or less light.

Zebra Roller Blinds

Also known as Dual Blinds, these are made from one piece of fabric with alternating translucent and light-filtering or room darkening material stripes.

Zebra blinds are similar to sheer shades in that they’re made up of 2 layers of fabric with soft fabric vanes in between, this is the response for people who wants roller blinds with a blind look. However, Zebra blinds offer a greater degree of light control because one fabric filters light while the other blocks light and provides privacy.

Decor Roller Blinds

The Decor blinds are made with unique and top quality material fabrics. They are the choice of all designers. They allow us to give a touch of elegance to our homes, giving the unique final touch in your

Translucent Roller Blinds

Translucent blinds protect your privacy and allow ambient light to flow into the room. Translucent blinds are a very popular product in bathrooms and others. They allow no one to see into the house but still allow daylight to enter the room.

Ourdoors Roller Blinds

Being outdoors, relaxing in a comfortable chair, having a cool drink, hanging out with family and friends – that’s living the dream on a patio or deck. 

But when too much sun, rain or breeze turns that dream into a scorching nightmare and forces you to retreat indoors, it’s time to find a blind solution. Also is a good way to secure the area.

Motorized Roller Blinds

Everything else in your life is automated, why not your Blinds? Make your life  easier  and  save  time  with  these  custom  remote  control window  coverings. Automated  &  Remote  Controlled  Convenience, ideal for Tall Windows & Those with Limited Mobility.

Drapes and Curtains

Make the dramatic finishing touches that truly transform a room into a living space, with the best draperies in the market. We carry the best drapery brands in Florida including Hunter Douglas.

installation fitting


  • Most of the Roller Blinds in South Florida are installed inside the frame, but it will depend if the window frame has enough depth.
  • You must determine which direction you want your blinds to roll, these can roll under or over the roller.
  • The outside mount, since there are no gaps, is better for privacy and preventing light from entering the house. For those with shallow window frames, it might be the only option.
  • By installing with us, you not only avoid the problems of having poor quality blinds and malfunctioning issues, but you also avoid losing your money, since if you take the wrong measurements you will not be able to change your shades since they are personalized. In hardware stores or online shopping, with blinds there are no returns or exchanges.

Warning: Window blinds with cords can pose a strangulation hazard to small children. Although most manufacturers use safety tabs and avoid cords that form a loop, for added security order cordless blinds.

repair service

Service & Repair

You never realize how important window treatments are in your home until they aren’t working properly. They are the means by which we allow in and control the natural light than enters our home, and when they aren’t functioning properly, or they were not installed properly, you could be plunged into total darkness in the middle of the day, or be left with no privacy in the middle of the night.

Our experienced staff can repair your window covering quickly and professionally. Feel free to call us, so we may inspect and repair them. Not all shades can be repaired but we guarantee we will resolve all your needs in window treatment , so that you can get on with your life. Contact us today to see what your options are for your windows treatment!

Competition is healthy, here are other brands in the market: Hunter Douglas, Serena ShadesSelect Blinds.

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