Somfy Motors – Showcasing double shade with a single metal cover. One of the best!

Somfy Motors

Somfy Motors can work with power or batteries, like Sonesse 30 and Somfy 506s motors. We offer these in Ultra variants which are significantly quieter. We also offer Vertilux’s motors which at less cost. They also come in battery or hard-wired model. Both of these brands integrate with smart home systems. We also offer this for Screens blinds , Zebra roller blinds, blackouts, translucent, and solar. Drapes can be motirized too.

Somfy is a global manufacturer of smart, quiet motors, electronic controls and home automation solutions.
Somfy offers a wide range of motors for interior blinds and curtains. Somfy motors are integrated into the roller shutter tube.
They can be purchased online to fit your blinds, but you need to purchase the correct size and extras such as the lithium-ion battery pack.
Somfy motors have a long life under normal use.
Motor life depends on correct installation, application and use.
Somfy integrates radio technology into its motors. RTS technology (Somfy Radio Technology) allows you to control roller blinds, screens, awnings and blinds.
Somfy motors can be controlled with wall switches for one motor or a group of motors. For each motorized window, an additional switch is needed.
Somfy’s TaHoma device and app allow you to control all aspects of a smart home.

Some Somfy motors include:

  • Somfy Sonesse Ultra 30: Rechargeable 12V motor with lithium-ion battery
  • Somfy Sonesse LS40 RTS 404S2 1001636: Somfy Motor
  • Somfy RF brand tubular motor SONESSE 40 RTS 6/28: Motor of French origin with a torque of 6 nm and a capacity of 24 kg

We will give you anothe brand options like Vertilux.

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Somfy Motors

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