The best Cleaning tips! For your roller blinds or shades and drapery

Cleaning Tips!

Cleaning tips that you can explore in a wide range of fabric options and styles from your fabric blinds, curtains, and draperies, mantaining  the excitement of your own personalized window treatments with USA Roller Blinds! While some fabrics are low-maintenance, others, such as embroidered or brocade patterns with multiple layers and linings, may require extra attention or even professional cleaning. Proper cleaning and care for your window coverings depend on the treatment style and fabric composition. If you prefer, you may consider hiring a reputable housekeeping service that specializes in such tasks at a reasonable cost, although undertaking the task yourself can be equally fulfilling.

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Ensuring consistent maintenance is a crucial aspect of maintaining stunning windows, preventing the accumulation of dust and grime while preserving the vibrant and fresh appearance of fabric blinds, curtains, and drapes. To get started, here are some general recommendations applicable to all types of fabric window treatments:

  1. Thoroughly dust or vacuum both sides of the blinds or drapes.
  2. Pay careful attention to the top portion of curtains and drapes, as creases and pleats tend to accumulate more dust. This includes valances, cornices, swags, cascades, and similar elements.
  3. After cleaning, inspect for any signs of damage, such as loose or broken string loops, torn stitching, or sagging hems, and proceed with necessary repairs.
  4. Promptly attend to any soiled areas on shades and drapes by spot cleaning them.
  5. Avoid the use of potent detergents or spot removers, as they can cause color fading and weaken the fabric fibers.

Next, we will provide more cleaning tips with more specific guidelines for safely maintaining your fabric window coverings for, categorized by different styles.

Solar / Screen Roller blind and shades

Solar blinds, commonly used indoors and outdoors, are a popular choice for controlling sun glare on patios or decks. Outdoor blinds, in particular, are prone to accumulating dust and dirt more rapidly, necessitating regular cleaning to maintain their appearance.
Follow these steps for safely maintaining solar blinds:

  1. Gently vacuum both sides of the blind using a brush or upholstery attachment.
  2. Lightly brush the blind with a mild detergent and warm water solution.
  3. Rinse the blind thoroughly and ensure it is completely dry before raising it.
  4. Avoid immersing the blind in water to prevent damage.
  5. Dust the fabric using a feather duster or gently vacuum it with an upholstery attachment.
  6. For deeper cleaning, wipe the fabric with a damp cloth.
  7. Remember not to immerse the fabric in water, as it can cause damage.

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Privacy and light filtering blinds

Privacy blinds, along with light-filtering fabrics are a bit more delicate.  The use of wet cleaning methods can leave water marks.  We recommend using a dry paper towel, or even better, a melamine sponge.  Melamine sponges are more commonly known as Mr.Clean Sponges, however, make sure to NOT wet the sponge for these fabrics!

Roman blinds

Roman blinds offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabric options, including different fold types ranging from flat to balloon. The care required for your Roman blind depends on the fabric used, specifically whether it is washable or not. Regardless, regular dusting or vacuuming will help maintain the appearance of your blinds.

For washable fabric Roman blinds:

1. Dust or vacuum the blinds to remove loose dirt.
2. For flat shades, remove all dowels while keeping the strings attached or de-thread and remove them.
3. Follow the fabric instructions for washing and hang dry to prevent shrinkage in the dryer.
4. Press or steam out any wrinkles before restringing and rehanging the blinds.

For non-washable Roman blinds:

1. Dry clean silk, wool, linen, or fiberglass-blend Roman blinds only when they require cleaning.
2. Inform the dry cleaner if you have used any chemical spot removers on the blinds.

Drapery / Pleated Curtains

When it comes to drapery and pleated blinds, proper care is important to maintain their appearance. Follow these steps to safely clean your pleated blinds:

1. Remove the blind from the window and fully open it. Lay it out on a clean, flat surface.
2. Begin by gently vacuuming one side of the blind, following the direction of the pleats. Then, repeat the process for the other side.
3. For any fingerprints or soiled spots, use an aerosol spray foam upholstery or fabric cleaner like Woolite® or ScotchGard®.
4. Spray the foam cleaner onto the affected area and immediately rub it gently with a clean, damp sponge. Move the sponge back and forth parallel to the pleats until the stains are removed. Avoid crushing or wrinkling the fabric.
5. Blot any excess moisture with a dry cloth to remove water residue. Rehang the blind only when it is completely dry.
6. Keep in mind that frequent cleaning may lead to a loss of fullness and body in the pleated fabric.
7. Dry cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning methods are not recommended for pleated blinds.

If regular dusting and spot cleaning are insufficient and a deeper cleaning is desired for your window coverings, you have the option of utilizing professional blind and drapery cleaners who offer services like ultrasonic or injection/extraction cleaning. It is important to choose a reputable cleaner, and seeking recommendations from friends or checking online reviews can be a good starting point. Before entrusting your window coverings to any cleaner, ensure you know the fabric content and how it will react to the cleaning process.

If you are considering new window treatments, it is worth considering care and cleaning requirements, especially if you have children, pets, or individuals with allergies who require a dust-free environment. Your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can assist you in selecting fabrics and styles that meet everyone’s needs, combining both beauty and easy maintenance in their designs.

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